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The Rarity of Sea Glass.

There are many beautiful charts and posters that people have designed over the years with the rarity of colors in sea glass. I have always referred to the book, Pure Sea Glass, Discovering Natures Vanishing Gems, written by Richard LaMotte. This is a great reference for any beachcomber to own! He explains each colors rarity and what the piece could have been derived from.

Here is the rarity of sea glass by color stated in Richard Lamotte's book, Pure Sea Glass:

Extremely Rare Sea Glass:

Orange sea glass

Red sea glass,

Turquoise sea glass

Yellow sea glass

Black sea glass

Teal sea glass

Gray sea glass

Rare Sea Glass:

Pink sea glass

Aqua sea glass

Cornflower blue sea glass

Cobalt blue sea glass

Opaque White Sea glass

Citron sea glass

Purple / Amethyst sea glass

Uncommon Sea Glass:

Soft green sea glass (seafoam sea glass)

Soft blue sea glass

Forest green sea glass

Lime greens glass

Golden Amber sea glass

Amber sea glass

Jade sea glass

Common Sea Glass:

Kelly greens glass

Brown sea glass

White Sea glass

My first Red Sea glass flat back I ever found February 28, 2018 with a bunch of great finds!!!

I had to take a picture before I snatched it up. Found this red sea glass walking the low tide line.

Below is one of the closest pieces I've found to Orange sea glass this is red with an orange swirl. Found December 26th, 2018

This sea glass necklace made with Akoya pearls and 14k white gold, custom made for a custom shows most of all the sea glass colors!


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