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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I place a custom order? 

A: It is very simple: Please E-mail us at  or call us (631)779-2570 and let us know what you are looking for. We will send pictures and show the progress of your order along the way and give you the most currant update and choices. once you are 100% please with the outcome we post a custom order and send you the link for you to complete the transaction. Please allow 1-3 week for completion of a custom order depending on the availability of your request of certain supplies.




Q: Can you make a piece of jewelry with my sea glass? 

A: Yes, we do make jewelry with the customers sea glass upon request. please contact with any questions.  


Q:Can you drill my sea glass? 

A: Yes we do drill the customers sea glass for their home projects. You can either contact us or there is a a section for check out under Drilled Sea Glass > Drilled Sea Glass fees and choose the correct drilling service you will need. 


Q: How to care for your sea glass jewelry in a way you can "go green:"

A: Of course like all jewelry you should not swim, shower or sleep with it on to prevent possible damage.

Cleaning is best done for all sea glass jewelry with sterling silver or 10k, 14k gold: Take a soft tooth brush and ordinary toothpaste (designate these two just for your jewelry), gently rub the brush over the jewelry on an old towel, paper towel. this is to keep your area neat. you will see the brush and paste get a gray color, rinse it well and the tarnish will come off. This will not harm you, the sea glass or the metal you are cleaning. 


Q: How can I view the status of my order? 

A: Go to the Customer Service, Account Information page. This page lists all your orders. Click the date of the order whose status you wish to view. 


Q: What are your shipping costs? 

A: You pay a flat fee of $4 ships all within the United States. if you want other shipping methods over night, next day or International, please contact me for price quotes. You can view an estimate of shipping costs by viewing your cart. However, final shipping costs will be displayed on the Invoice you see before confirming your order.


Q: Is this web site secure to pay with credit cards?

A: Yes it is, we use Pay Pal Payments Pro which is affiliated with Pay Pal to process all credit card transactions. No credit card information is stored or collected from this web site or is able to be viewed by the owner. Pay Pal takes care of it all so it is safe and secure for our customers. 


Q: Do you sell your sea glass jewelry wholesale or on consignment?

A: Yes we do sell our sea glass jewelry wholesale and on consignment. 

If you would like to buy Wholesale from us here are the codes that may be applied to your order (NO OTHER SALES AND OR PROMOTION CODES CAN NOT BE APPLIED WITH THESE CODES BELOW!)

Spend $500 and up get 25% off, use Promotion Code: WHOLESALE25

Spend $750 and up get 30% off, use Promotion Code: WHOLESALE30

Spend $1000 and up get 35% off, use Promotion Code: WHOLESALE35

Spend $7000 and up get 40% off, use Promotion Code: WHOLESALE40

All Wholesale orders will be sent via Priority Mail, insured and signature confirmation. Please contact us with the your name, the name of your shop, how many years you have been in business and location if you have further questions.  


Q:How to drill sea glass?

A: This is a question I receive often. Drilling sea glass is a long learned process though trial and error, even by myself over the last 13 years. I can't stress this enough, safety is the #1 factor you should always take when drilling sea glass or any glass and using power tools. The use of any power tool with water is extremely hazardous and not advisable.  The supplies you will need: *Eye protection (goggles) *Dust respirator- you never want to breath in glass dust or aerosol vapor with glass particles, this will harm your lungs!! *High Speed Drill- I have both a Dremel and Foredom- they each have their own great features *Shallow tray for water *Sea Glass, I would start with Sea Glass that is not perfect and will not matter if you break it. Do not start with your best orange piece. Start with finding the piece of sea glass I would like to make into jewelry see if it is proper for drilling and hole placement. I have my tray of shallow water, eye protection, drill and dust respirator. I use an N100 dual filter face mask. ( I can't stress the importance of safety for your health and using water around electricity!). Make sure your diamond bit is secure in the drill shaft and turn the drill on. With the sea glass wet, gently on an angle mark the sea glass with the drill bit and make a small crater to mark were you would like your hole. This will help the drill bit catch the glass and prevent it from "Dancing Across" the glass when you place the drill bit where you would like the hole. Drill the sea glass about half way though and repeat the angle mark on the opposite side so the drilling process can be meant in the middle of the glass and will prevent "blow throughs" on the other side. While drilling sea glass applying the correct amount of pressure while drilling and setting the drill at the lowest speed is crucial to not break the glass or ruin your drill bit. Also learning that certain glass is more as I would call temperamental to drill and is more likely to crack from the heat of the drilling process no matter how careful you are. There are also going to be days that you should not attempt to drill sea glass, when you are highly distracted or fatigued, even I have those days and I know to just put the drill down and move on the something else. Drilling sea glass is a self learned skill through lots of practice and takes a long time to perfect the technique so the ratio of successful drills out numbers the number of breakages. Once you have mastered this skill you are on your way to make sea glass jewelry or any craft with your sea glass! Any sea glass questions please feel free to contact me anytime. Happy Glassing!


Q: Where do I get your sea glass from:


A:All of our sea glass is either found on the shores of Long Island, New York, Long Island Sound, and The Great Peconic Bay, as well as along the Atlantic coastline in the Hamptons. We also purchase from reputable sea glass dealers from around the world: Canada, England, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, California and Maine. We accept all custom orders and we are sure to meet all of your sea glass needs in the line of handcrafted jewelry or sea glass collectors pieces. If there is an item you are interested in that you do not see, please contact me to place your custom order. There is no challenge or order too large or too small for us to complete. Same day or next day shipping guaranteed on all orders once paid and needed information obtained for processing. 

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