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A return Trip to Puerto Rico for sea glass and good friends!

A long and very overdue trip back to Puerto Rico! I have always had a great love for this island tucked away in the Caribbean. The culture is so rich and have found the west side of the island to be my favorite spot to visit, besides the friendly, welcoming and helpful islanders that live there all year round! Who wound not want to wake up to a view like this everyday!

In the 20 years I have been creating sea glass jewelry, I have made some awesome friends along the way. 17 years after my first contact with Ruben, I had the great pleasure to finally meet him and his lovely wife. Could not ask for better friends to make the trip complete, besides going to a local restaurant they showed with the best Monfongo I had on the island during my stay. Ever in PR, you have to go here at least once!

The beauty of living a simple life.... We should all go back to our roots...

Puerto Rico's Seagulls, the AKA the beautiful pelican. They rule the beaches there!

Thunderstorms rolled in everyday at some point. An instant cool down every time!

The group of marbles found on that amazing day between Ruben, Rosie and myself.. Rosie found the most... Ruben found that teal shooter marble. I will treasure these gifts forever!

Below was metal fragments for my friend to create things with who always picks up beach metal. These were the beads, buttons and other things I found snorkeling for glass. It was so relaxing snorkeling and floating with the fish and finding these treasures.

This was part of the 26 pounds of sea glass I brought back. I found everything from beads, buttons, red sea glass, seafoam sea glass, bottle rims and everything in between. With the help of Ruben and Rosie that gifted me the sea glass and marbles they also found on our day out glassing. He said there was a new record we broke, finding 26 marbles on that beach the day we went! It was not for the faint of heart, some of the terrain we covered looking for sea glass... It included climbing over large debris left from hurricane Maria and getting totally drenched.. It was not your leisurely stroll on the beach. Don't take me wrong, I am not complaining, I had a bast with the challenge and it was so worth it! The best beachcombing experience I ever had!

Puerto Rico, the island of beauty, I am already thinking of my return to the place that is very dear to my heart and seeing my friends once again who shares the same passion of sea glass! La hermosa Isla hasta sue nos volvamos a encontrar!


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