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Jewelry Care

Like all jewelry you should not swim, shower or sleep with it on to prevent possible damage. Cleaning is best done for all sea glass jewelry with sterling silver or 10k, 14k gold: Take a soft tooth brush and ordinary toothpaste (designate these two just for your jewelry). gently rub the brush over the jewelry on an old towel, paper towel. this is to keep your area neat. you will see the brush and paste get a gray color, rinse it well and the tarnish will come off. this will not harm you, the sea glass or the metal you are cleaning. There are other liquid cleaners that may be used like Tarnex that may be used and will not harm the sea glass but not advisable on glued settings and is not environmentally friendly If your sea glass jewelry has pearls of any kind use a cleaner that is safe with jewelry that has pearls. If you do not plan on wearing your sea glass jewelry for any long length of time, it is best to store it in a air tight (zip lock) bag in a cool dry place or a lined wooden jewelry box also works well. If you have any questions for the care of your piece please contact me anytime.

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