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The making of a vintage spoon sea glass bracelet!

This is one of my favorite designs of sea glass jewelry to make. The sea glass spoon bracelet is very rich in history, with the combination of the vintage silverware and sea glass joined together. Spoon jewelry was very popular in the 1960's through the 1970's and is making a strong comeback in recent years. Spoon jewelry originated in the 17th century in England and the though behind it was the representation of love. Servants were unable to afford a fine piece of jewelry, then stole a piece of their masters silverware and had it handcrafted into a form of jewelry or ring for a proposal of marriage. As most silverware was engraved with the family's initials of the master, most servants were caught and prosecute with larceny. Its popularity then faded in the early 1900's

In the 1960's-1970's Silverware sets became less popular and less used and not passed down to other generations and this was a way to recycle there use. Now silverware is making a strong comeback again and the intrigue of its history, people are using them for tableware or other means in jewelry or crafts for those unwanted sets.

It starts with old tarnished vintage spoons or forks and a dream....

Cut them, file them, drill holes and the tedious job of bending the silverware to make a bracelet.

I've had my share of smashed fingers in doing this process... Ouch!

Find the color combination of sea glass and drill for a heavy sterling wire can be threaded and wired.

And the finished product!

This spoon sea glass bracelet is one of my favorites!

A way to recycle and wear a piece rich in history. The wonder of what the sea glass was and where silverware came from in its previous lifetime! If they could only talk and tell us!


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