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Creating a Sea Glass Ring with Beautiful Long Island Sea Glass

I had the opportunity to work with a beautiful piece of Long Island sea glass found by a customer. This has to be one of the most beautifully shaped and lavender color sea glass shard I have seen that was found locally here on the island. The decision was made that a bezel ring was the plan for this beauty. Like every customers I work with that trusts me with their sea glass finds after hours of beach combing, I give them every possible option of what I can create. Bezel setting sea glass is one of the most challenging jewelry making techniques because of the irregular shape of sea glass. Although this piece was for the most part pretty simple.

Here is the piece with different ring options.

Another ring option but the band was too thin..

This was the perfect band she was looking for!

The bezel here is cleaned up and the bezel shaped around the sea glass.

Sea glass ring completed!

The final creation of this lavender sea glass ring and a very happy customer!!!!

Do not hesitate to contact me for anything you would like your personal sea glass to be made into or questions of future projects! Happy Glassing!


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