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My First Piece of Orange Sea Glass!!!

Over the years I have been asked many, many times if I have found orange sea glass on Long Island.... Besides many people think red is the rarest, well red is 1 in 5,000 pieces to be found.. Orange is definitely rarer, 1 in 10,000 pieces found. Good things come for those who wait all the years of beachcombing... March 10th 2022 I did my usual walk, not much glass to be found that day but I finally found and opaque orange piece of sea glass, small but heck it counts. Over the years I have found sea glass marbles, stoppers, even a good handful of red sea glass. I am human like the rest of you beach glass hunters and always wanted to find orange. My day has come and all the miles made it worth while... We all have goals, now I have to find an orange translucent piece next!


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