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Some more great Long Island Sea Glass!

Another great day at the office, my favorite place in the world. Found some more great sea glass on the Long Island Sound. I finally hit Low tide and had the whole beach to myself on a chilly 33 degree day and there was no wind, which was a rarity! The overcast day made it very easy on the eyes to also find glass. Many people think it is best to go in the brightest of sun light but that can also cause inhibit your hunt for sea glass. I did the sea glass swagger for 3.25 miles and cleaned house. I came across my first marble for 2019 and when I thought it could not get better found this bright turquoise blue shard. There were several other pieces that were very interesting like the patterned shards. The sea glass gods were good to me today!

What a great day for beach combing!

Even Found this bright turquoise blue shard!


And I even took my eyes off the beach to see the beautiful sky and then went back to work!

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