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It's even worth looking for sea glass at high tide!

Looking at the below picture, most people would not even consider taking a walk along the beach to look for sea glass. Well this day I did and was pretty successful, if I say so myself and only 1.86 miles later! The most experienced sea glass hunter would always say, time your sea glass hunts during a lower tide. I have found even the high tide lines have some of the best sea glass, although it just may not be as plentiful. This day I found 3 shards that made the walk more than worth while, flawless yellow sea glass, aqua sea glass, along with a good size cobalt blue shard. So if you only have time during high tide, still get out there, just don't get landlocked like I did and got wet feet!

January 10th, 2019

One of the smaller hauls of sea glass, but still a good one!

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