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Beautiful beach combed sea glass found on Long Island 2018

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

This is a look back of some of the sea glass I have found in 2018. I will be starting a blog about the glass I find close to home when I go out on the hunt. Every area of the world that has water has some form of sea glass/ beach glass and is noted for its own beauty and characteristics. 

People who follow my personal page on Facebook, where I have posted these pictures often ask me where I go and how I find such a haul of glass. The answer is simple.. I spent countless hours and days walking miles of the beach, for my own personal relaxation therapy and exercise, staring at the ground. Its not only the trill of the hunt for sea glass but my "Happy Place," where I can escape from the world around me and stressors of life. I have always used the beach, if it's the Long Island Sound, Great Peconic Bay or the Atlantic Ocean, since I was a child to escape and relax. This is where my love for sea glass all began and blossomed into the jewelry business I run today. I have found the beach more appealing when my mother was hospitalized back in 2016 and then later passed. I spent the majority of the day at her side then headed to the sound to regain my composure for and hour. Looking for sea glass helped me think clearer and prepared me for what was the inevitable. 

Since then I have beach combed to the point of an obsession starting in November till late spring. I'm out there in the cooler to colder months when currents are more hostile and winds are stronger, to find these beautiful gems. This is the time of year when most people would not even think to leave their warm house for a 4-5 mile trek near the churning cold water. I find this to be a definite advantage to have an occasional human on the beach but the seagulls outnumber us by far, which means more glass to find with hardly no competition. I hope to enjoy the scenery and the sea glass I have found for 2018. More postings will follow, so check daily!

January 8th, 2019

You Don't need Low tide to find great glass!

Bring on winter! Less people and more glass!

Love the Patterned sea glass!

One of my marble finds in 2018!

My epic March red amberina find!

The Red Sea glass is out there!

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