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A Sea Glass New Years Resolution 2022!

Like most, the start of the new year we set a resolution to improve ourselves. Exercise is usually one that most of us want to make. Its now January 14, and I finally got back to the office and most who don't know me form Facebook, the office to me is the beach. This is a place where I do some of my best thinking and have some of my greatest ideas. Today out of the blue I sent a text to one of my best friends and co-worker to go for a walk on the beach.. The wind was blowing and the temperature was dropping, but we pulled off a 3.5 miler with some pretty pieces of sea glass. Light blue and cobalt blue sea glass was a popular find today. The wind was so strong, I could not even take a picture of the finds at the beach.

Hope this is the start of many walks on the beach for more great sea glass finds, ideas and a healthier 2022.

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