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Crafted with genuine vaseline California sea glass and all solid sterling silver findings and professionally drilled. A simple sea glass design but yet elegant design to wear everyday! Vasline sea glass glows under black light because it contains uranium dioxide to produce the greenish yellow hue. Vaseline glass is also known as Uranium Glass or UV or ultraviolet or Canary glass are all the same. Ther are also pieces with stronger or weaker intensities because of the amounts of uranium dioxide used to make the glass. UV glass glows under black light because it fluoresces, not because its radioactive. All the jewelry is handcrafted and designed by me and made with real sea glass. Any questions of custom requests, please contact me at anytime.

These are gems from the sea, once a product of man and perfected by Mother Nature.


Place or origin: California

Rarity: Rare


Remember all of my jewelry is handcrafted by me and professionally made to last for years to come. Only authentic sea glass is used to make all my jewelry creations and sold as collectors shards. Each piece I make comes with a 100% customer satisfaction and lifetime guarantee ( that would be my lifetime :). Each piece of sea glass is carefully paired to match and compliment to make a wearable work of art. Custom orders are always welcomed. 


All my pieces comes with its own gift box that is made from recycled cardboard, a simple paper gift bow, a card about sea glass and business card. Special gift wrapping may be purchased for an additional fee. There is only flat rate fee for first class shipping that is charged for the entire order and all orders over $100 gets free Priority mail shipping! Please contact me with any questions or request, looking forward to hearing from you.

Floating California Vaseline Sea Glass Necklace #35

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