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Some interesting sea glass facts:

What is sea glass?

Sea glass, also known as seaglass, beach glass, mermaids tears, "End of Day" glass or ocean glass. Sea Glass comes from a shard of glass of any form, that has made its way into a body of water and has worn smooth over time from erosion. The time it takes is 40 or more years to form a quality piece of sea glass or what would be called jewelry quality. An even patina, smooth, no shiny spots and evenly frosted shard is what is considered the jewelry quality piece of sea glass. This type of quality sea glass along with a shard being extremely rare in color has sold in the price range of $200 or more to some collectors.

What is "End Of Day Sea Glass"?

"End of Day Sea Glass," is otherwise known as English Sea Glass. Around the 1850's, in England, the glass factories that were off the coastline, the glassblowers, the creators of glass mosaics, stain glass windows and other forms of glass wares disposed their scraps or breakages into the sea. The beautiful layering of this glass occurs because of the glass was hand blown an the colors were blended differently then todays manufactured glass. Today the beaches of England are littered with these sea glass gems of various colors that so many collectors and jewelry makers sort after.

The Rarity of Sea Glass by Color As stated in: "Pure Sea Glass," written beautifully by Richard La Motte, here are the categories rating by color rarity. This will give you a better understanding of the value and rarity of the colors of sea glass. There are many other factors that affect the value of a shard then just the color, frosting, age, thickness, shape and size may also reflect the value of sea glass.

Extremely Rare Sea Glass Colors:









Rare Sea Glass Colors:



Cornflower Blue

Cobalt Blue




Purple | Amethyst

Uncommon Sea Glass Colors:

Soft Green

Soft Blue

Forest Green

Lime Green

Golden Amber

Amber Jade


Common Sea Glass Colors: 

Kelly Green


White (Clear)

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About Us

Exciting news:


Holly L’Hommedieu is the artist/owner of HL Sea Glass Jewelry since 2003. She learned all of her jewelry techniques by reading, videos and though years of practice. Holly works with a variety of medias, local sea glass and sea glass from all over the world. She enjoys most of all working with a customers personal shard of sea glass, creating a wearable work of art that has a story behind it. Holly has been a life long sea glass collector taking advantage of living on the East End of Long Island, NY and is blessed to live a short distance from Peconic Bay, L.I. Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. She is now selling her creations on her website: HL Sea Beach & Glass Jewelry, consignment shops and art/ craft shows. Holly also works as a Registered Nurse in a local Hospital not far from her home and has used sea glass collecting and jewelry making a therapeutic outlet from her nursing profession. She also finds inspiration making Cancer Awareness Jewelry for cancer survivors and their families to give them a sense of comfort during their most difficult time in life. Holly has been a North American Sea Glass Association, AKA NASGA Commercial Member since 2006 and proud to be a 2016 board member.


Holly, a native Long Islander and a life long collector of authentic sea glass (many Long Islanders know it better as beach glass), I have taken sea glass jewelry to the next level. As a child I walked many local beaches in amazement of all the pieces of beach glass I found. Today I walk those same sun drenched beaches in search of the perfect beach glass shard to share with others all over the world! Much of the shore line terrain has changed and the amount of beach glass found has declined but the thrill of beach glass combing is still there. In 2003, was the beginning of HL Sea & Beach Glass Jewelry. What started as a hobby of interest and love, grew into a full jewelry business. Over the years I have had the chance to meet such wonderful people and made many friends. Because of the many sea glass enthusiast like myself out there, the next 10 years in the sea glass business will only be better, with new jewelry designs and ideas! We will be adding new inventory daily, so check back regularly to see our new creations. You also have a choice to place a custom order for anything you have in mind or to incorporate a piece of your sea glass into jewelry. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Our mission is to provide the finest sea glass jewelry and sea glass shards around. We have one of the largest selections of handcrafted artisan sea glass jewelry, bridal sea glass jewelry, unique gifts and collectors shards. All Our jewelry is custom made to fit your style, with the highest quality materials. Sea glass jewelry makes a wonderful gift for a variety of occasions for that beachcomber, beach enthusiasts or that special someone to capture a day at the beach with family and friends.




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Sea glass has been on the decline due to recycling laws and the growing use of plastic to better our environment. With these changes to improve the world we live in, sea glass has become a valued gem to many of us. In reality sea glass has become a comfort symbol that that people treasure, the thoughts of an individual's childhood years, happy times and memories of the waters and beaches they once walked upon. This is why sea glass is now treasured like any other gemstone, besides it is another way to "go green" and recycle.


The definition of sea glass: Originally made by the products of man and then perfected by Mother Nature.
15-2.jpg One of the areas I walk, the beautiful Long Island Sound, NY.


We are here to meet your sea glass needs. HL Sea & Beach Glass Jewelry is a family run fulltime business since 2003, that takes pride in every piece of jewelry made.